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Our Indonesian Technical Service Centre has been strengthened by the appointment
of a fully qualified Automation Engineer.

Dwidjo Murtopo who previously worked with Siemens and Krones, will team up with BCC’s experienced Installation Technician,
Saut Silaban, and has commenced duties on 1 April 2020.

Together, Saut and Dwidjo will be able to support our customers in all mechanical and automation matters. The BCC Technical Service Team
will provide the necessary back-up to our Indonesian dealer, CV. Jayasakti Mandiri (JSM). This will further strengthen the support and service
JSM can offer in turn to our customers using BCC equipment. With the increased interest in the FiberCell system Dwidjo will play an important
role to support our customers and interact with our Technical Development team in Sweden with regards to the Multi-Row FiberCell filler lines.

BCC already offers Technical Services and Maintenance contracts which is tailor made to our customer’s needs. By the
strengthening of our Indonesian Team, we are now able to expand our services to more clients.
These contracts involve regular visits to nurseries which cover the following tasks:

• Overall assessments and fine-tuning of production equipment for optimum performance.
• Inspection to check that regular preventative maintenance schedules are followed.
• Early warning of worn parts up for replacement to ensure minimum downtime.
• Identification of parts required in case of equipment breakdowns.
• Refresher training to technical staff in operation procedures as well as preventative maintenance schedules.
• Online support (phone and email).

For more information or support (including spare parts), please contact:

Heinz Reinstorf: asia@fnssa.co.za or Heinz.reinstorf@bccab.com
Saut Silaban: saut.silaban@bccab.com
Pak Dwidjo: dwidjo.murtopo@bccab.com
Agoes Wijaya: agoesw@jayasakti-jsm.com or info@jayasakti-jsm.com or parts.services@jayasakti-jsm.com (spare parts)