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BCC’s nursery production system is developed as an automatic filling and seeding line, which performs accurately rate year after year. The line is continuously evolving due to special requirements from customers and changing technical advancements, but the main features of the filling and seeding remain the same.

Nursery production - Batch Mixer
Batch Mixer

Growing substrate in containerised nurseries supplies water, oxygen, mineral nutrients and physical support to the plants.

Nursery production - Dibbler

The BCC Dibbler creates a cavity in the growing substrate which ensures the seed remains in the centre of the cell after sowing.

Flexi Filler

Root system development is one of the most important quality criteria when evaluating forest seedlings and cuttings.

Precision Seeder

Highest possible seeding accuracy can be achieved by the BCC Precision Seeder. Nurseries using the seeder reach accuracy rates of more than 95%.

Tray Covering Unit

To create a cool and moist micro-climate conducive to seed germination, seed is covered with a layer of material after the sowing process.

Watering Tunnel

The BCC Watering Tunnel is flexible to fulfil the requirements of initial soaking, cooling through misting and application of fungicides.

Tray Washer

The BCC Tray Washer consists of two parts. High-pressure unit for mechanical cleaning and a hot water washer section for thermal disinfection.

Tray Destacker

The BCC Tray Destacker automatically separates stacked trays into single tray units to be fed into the Plant Production Line.