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Latvijas Valsts Mezi, Latvian State Forests, recently decided to invest in a completely new BCC filling and sowing line for Strenci nursery. With that, they have replaced their 18-year-old faithful servant, a BCC manufactured line of an earlier model. Although the old system has worked well over time, it now came to a point where it was time to upgrade and replace the old machines for a new efficient line. With the decision, the capacity and function has been secured for many years to come!

During the same installation week, our technicians also installed a new high-capacity washing system at Mazsili nursery, also a unit belonging to Latvijas Valsts Mezi. The washing system is designed to clean and disinfect growing trays which have hold Conniflex treated pine and spruce seedlings. One of the main requirements has been to minimize water consumption as a part of the work on sustainable development. The result of the development is an upgraded function with higher water pressure, less consumption of water which provides cleaner growing containers and eliminates adhesive residues.