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Forestal Leon (Chile)

Forestal Leon, which is a highly recognized Chilean private company in the forest industry due to its activities of cultivation, supply and processing of wood from Pinus radiata forests. Forestal Leon approached BCC in January 2021 with the aim of collaborating in the development and execution of its new nursery in Chile.
BCC and Forestal Leon, understanding the importance of quality plants for the development of quality plantations, planned a modern nursery that includes advanced and efficient technological infrastructures and processes.

Today this nursery is a reality and already in full production. Forestal León is ready to develop and cultivate plantations of excellence, the forests of the future!
What was the Strategy and what are the objectives of the Forestal Leon nursery?
Mr. Mario Olmedo (Nurseries and Forestry Specialist at ”Forestal Leon”) explains the following:

• Improve Plant Quality:
• Both genetically and morphologically
• Take care of plant health:
• Taking into account possible pests or diseases (for example: Fusarium circinatum)
• Efficient and ergonomic technological processes:
• Very important for the safety and health of workers
• Environmentally friendly:
• Use of biological and organic products.
• Waste recycling

Why was BCC chosen?
Mr. Antonio Viñuela (General Director of ”Forestal León”) responds:
• BCC, a company with prestige and specialising in nurseries worldwide.
• BCC is the world market leader in nurseries and cultivation systems for the forestry industry.
• BCC has technical support in Chile, (Latin Equipment S.A.)

Why the FIBERCELL System?
Mrs. Ignacia Gutierrez (Technician at ”Forestal Leon”) answers us:
• Environmental-friendly system.
• System successfully tested in high production nurseries.
• Production of plants with an efficient system, with low energy cost and without using polluting materials.
• In-line process that respects labour, is very safe and also free from contamination from pathogenic organisms.


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