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During the last week of January BCC installed and commissioned an 8-row FiberCell production line for one of our forestry customers in Indonesia.
This is the first multi-row large scale paper system for a forest nursery in Asia.

The line includes tray washing and sterilizing, a fully automatic 8-row FiberCell filler, a setting station for cuttings, watering tunnel and accumulation conveyor. The nursery uses the BCC FiberCell-96 holder in combination with the FiberCell line. The multi-row FiberCell filler has an output capacity of 120-130 trays per hour. This is part of a turnkey project involving the complete development of a 10+ million annual cutting nursery together with our dealer, CV. Jayasakti Mandiri.

BCC provides complete back-up support to our customers in Indonesia which includes spare parts stores in various locations (managed by JSM) and technical support through our own local technicians. We are now in the process of increasing our manpower resources in Indonesia by the appointment of an automation engineer, specifically to support the FiberCell system. We offer Service Agreements to our customers which includes regular visits to nurseries by our local technicians. The Agreements are flexible as per customer’s needs.

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